War Poem

4 FÉVRIER – 2 AVRIL 2016

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These moments of grace are rare in the Iliad, but they are enough to make us feel with sharp regret what it is that violence has killed and will kill again.

Simone Weil, The Iliad, Or The Poem of Force

BREAKING: New explosives heard

Explosives are converted to hot gases

This wave travels through the air,

Through bodies, around corners and over walls

Talk of humanitarian crisis

How can we fail to realize

@ammar82 30 Oct 2015

“Yemenis are sticking to the bad habit of firing hysterically in weddings.

As we don’t get enough fire falling from the skies!?


At least 20 people were injured

Most members of the opposition

Local media reported more blasts

With another ceasefire ended

Look, this is the flag here

When you came here, the civil war started

Most elite troops

Four suspected attackers dead

Special operations forces carried out 324 JCET missions

I was a drone warrior

Warplanes are carrying out regular bombing raids

It will not join peace talks


Zero point, concentrated explosive atomic energy

Atomic light

Could influence heavy weapons employment

Louis Bourgeois on her fathers pebble collection

He said:

Every time I have a beautiful moment, it proves

To me that life is worth living,

And in gratitude I put a pebble in the box

War and the poem.

Katrin Koskaru, February 2016